Deleted Cases

     The producers of the long–running NBC program Saturday Night Live successfully defended against a copyright infringement suit stemming from this skit depicting the city fathers of the Biblical town of Sodom devising a public relations campaign for their town reminiscent of the one that New York had recently embarked on.  Note that the skit’s finale has the participants singing “I Love Sodom” to the tune of  “I Love New York,” the centerpiece of the New York campaign.  The court got the joke and recognized that it was at the expense, at least in part, of the earlier tune’s creators.  Thus the SNL team had achieved a pure parody.  See Elsmere Music, Inc. v. National Broadcasting Company, 482 F. Supp. 741(S.D.N.Y. 1980), aff’d, 623 F. 2d 252 (2d Circ. 1980).

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